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Ninten by Squiggles-8DNinten by Squiggles-8D
So many people have drawn art of me... That's too cool for words!

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All of my drawings are scraps, except for this one that I chose as my ID!



United States
Hi, my name's Ninten! I was the leader of the dream team going to stop Gyiyg, but I don't really want to be remembered as that. I want to be remembered as the kid who made home runs look completely routine! This is actually made all the more difficult by the fact that I'm asthmatic...

Over the course of my trip I sorta got into the habit of randomly walking up to people I don't know. So if I ever do that to you, don't think much of it... Also, even though I can still read minds with telepathy, I've tried not to do that and figure out what people think by actually talking to them. But if I read your mind, again, don't think much of it...

My best friends are Ana, Loid, Teddy, and Pippi. We like to hang out together, but they never play baseball with me anymore... But they did introduce me to Oreos, which happen to be the best cookies ever!

Ever since the grand adventure I've also realized a sweet new PSI power called PK Techno. Apparently it's the equivalent of two other Psionic attacks: Rockin and Love. I've never seen those two used, though. PK Techno sure would've been useful against some of the bosses I fought, though!
((Hooray for internet-exclusive attacks!))

I know that some people have seen me as wearing red, white, and blue clothes, some with yellow and blue, some with a bandana, some with a scarf... Well, you get the idea. I wear all of those, actually, because wearing the same thing every day is boring.

People have even made plz accounts of me! Look, guys, you're too kind. Really, I'm so happy right now! :)


That about wraps up my profile! Leave a comment if you're one of my friends, or even somebody I don't know yet! It's sweet making new friends online- I've been doing it ever since the first computers were brought to Podunk!

Current Residence: Podunk
deviantWEAR sizing preference: My two shirts are good enough for me.
Print preference: I don't have any money left from my adventure!
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite photographer: That guy from Mother 2 is the only one I know.
Favourite style of art: Clay models
Operating System: The Ninten OS
MP3 player of choice: They haven't been invented yet.
Wallpaper of choice: Plain Yellow. That's all I ever see
Skin of choice: Mom said it's not good to be racist.
Favourite cartoon character: Uh... Do I count?
Personal Quote: I never said anything on my adventure...
A boy sitting atop a tree stared down at the autumn leaves blowing in the breeze. He occasionally broke off a long twig from the tree, trying to scoop up as many leaves as he could with it. His face looked utterly bored. Even his arms and legs looked inactive and bored. "Sigh... where did all the fun go? It's like autumn is the season of boring or something. No one seems to be around to play baseball with, and all there is to is just poke leaves..." Slightly frustrated, he jams the stick into a leaf, and leaves it there. He stands up, then hops off the tree, looking around. He was no longer a part of the Pigmask Army, since he sort of lost the suit. He stops here and there, poking at this, sniffing at that. The boredom was beginning to drive him crazy; a boy his age needed fun. "Oh well... maybe I'll find some people after autumn is over? Or, maybe everyone is playing hide and go seek... and I'm it!" He gets excited, but then quickly realizes that the chances of that being true are very dim. "This is so..." He yawns, "Boring... ahh..." He stretches out, then forms a bed-like pile of leaves, and lays on it. He shifts positions a few times, then closes his eyelids..."Zzzz."

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Oh, hey there. Eating Oreos? [snatches his package of Oreos and throws it on the ground, stomping them to crumbs before lighting them on fire]
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(( Latest. Reply. EVER. So sorry ;; ))

... [looks down at his now on fire Oreos, then back up at Rico] Hey, what was that for?!
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heyy who are u?????
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Upon spotting the rather muscular guy, Ninten cocks his head back for a second, not realizing it was Teddy.

"Uh, do I know you?"
Then it hit him, like that time he got hit with a baseball. "OH! Ted! Hey, man!" Looking up at Teddy's hand, he reaches for it, grabs it, and commences shaking. "How's it been?"
He asked, trying to sound somewhat 'cool'.
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Teddy grins. "Same as always buddy. Keeping myself busy. Though I haven't seen the others in awhile, now. Odd, huh?"
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